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Constructional activities managed by Mehmet zeki Köse between 1985-1994 are continued under the name of EKOL YAPI Construction Co.Ltd founded by Mehmet Zeki Köse and Kenan Kiper Özerli.
Since the day of its foundation, the company places special importance on quality, technology and the accumulation of knowledge.

EKOL YAPI aims to continue its universal contributions to the civil construction sector by assuming and successfully executing important duties in the construction Projectcts both in Turkey and around the world in years of 2000s.

Since its foundation, EKOL YAPI gave the constrcutional service ( above ground, under ground works and environmental arrangements etc.) to the govermental associations. These main clients are National defence Ministry, Construction works Ministry, Turkish Water Works Association, Governerships, Gendarme General Commandatory, İSKİ General Directorate, İGDAŞ General Directorate and Municipilities.

Some of EKOL YAPI Big Size Projectcts are as follows:

- New channel construction and maintenance works of İSKİ in the responsible area of Ümraniye Region Directorate
- GAZİOSMANPASA Service Building of İGDAS General Directorate
- Police Building of Erzurum Gurcukapi
- Regional School of Erzurum Cat.

EKOL YAPI has targeted Total Quality Management philosophy as a long-term policy in all its fields of activity.

In order to establish and maintain Total Quality Management concept effectively, EKOL YAPI has constituted its Quality Management System consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001. The ultimate purpose of the established system is to achieve planned and compatible performance of all activities of the management.

In the design of the Quality Management System structure, maximum motivation and productivity has been taken as the prime objective. Documentation of the system will be formulated and maintained to include fields of activity deemed important by EKOL YAPI even if they are beyond the requirements of ISO 9001

EKOL YAPI Management hereby takes upon itself to furnish its products and activities to be consistent with legal mandates and expectations of its customers and take and initiate all essential measures to uphold those concepts.

To achieve conformance and continuity with its predetermined quality objectives and policies, EKOL YAPI will establish and execute its Quality Management System in accordance with the prerequisites of ISO 9001 standard.

EKOL YAPI management undertakes to abide by its described, effected and presently applied Quality Management System and agrees to allocate all necessary resources for its optimal operation

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